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Laser Tag

Fun Filled Mobile Laser Tag Challenges in Sydney

Want to make your kids’ birthday the talk of the town, then yes we have got most advance Laser tag equipment in Sydney and we are mobile. With the best mobile laser tag in Sydney, we could come to your backyard, community centres, party halls, local parks, set up inflatable walls, bunkers/obstacles and run Laser skirmish for Kids and adults. Our Laser Tag Phasers, use infrared and radio technology which can communicate in the range of more than 100 metres and are totally safe for kids. Suitable for kids 5+ and we could configure the system to run games suitable for different age group from easy Team A versus Team B to team building, more tactical and full of adrenaline.

How we organise the game?

Games include capture the flag, save the medic, zombie terror, apocalypse and many more. Book the best Laser tag in Sydney and we will host the best laser skirmish full of excitement, challenges and fun. We are known to be the one-stop destination for parents and party organisers who intend to include Laser Tag games for birthday parties, community get-togethers and club events where kids play an active role. While we operate and are open 7 days a week, we provide the perfect the perfect setup where children get to have fun with their friends and have a great day out. We know how much kids love to enjoy a game of laser tag and that is where we ensure that they receive the optimal level of fun.

How to play Laser Tag

In Laser Tag, players are equipped with handheld laser phasers and often taken through an initial training on how to play the game. The game involves adventure in which players are expected to dodge opponents, target them with the lasers and accordingly make points depending on the number of laser hits that they receive or the team as a whole. There is no contact involved and points are obtained by shooting the opponents with the laser phasers is required for the sport. Whichever team or opponent fails to dodge or attack, they lose as they have been completely tagged. At the end of the game, the scores are displayed on scoreboards and that allows them to know who has won the game. It is a fun game that kids enjoy especially when they a large group of friends being there to enjoy the game equally.

A great outdoor game for kids

Laser Tag is known to be one of the best outdoor games that have a real feel that computer games are known to provide. It gives them the option to perform bodily activities rather than sitting indoors and being lazy. The game of laser tag is known to be suited to all age groups above 5 years. This is because a toddler wouldn’t be able to carry around the equipment with ease and also move around. They may also not understand the motive of the game and stay blank while on the play area. It is a game that helps children gain confidence levels, learns to be social, better team work and improve concentration levels. It also aids in gaining better fitness due to the running around and the movements that the children have to witness.

Extreme Package
Duration: 90 Mins
  • 12 Laser Phasers/Guns
  • 6 Inflatable walls
  • 1 Inflatable Tank
  • 2 Medic/Battle boxes
  • 1 Commander host to run the games

Suitable for both outdoor and big indoor area. Suited for age 5+

Lots of gaming options to make it more fun for kids or adults from Last man Standing, Save the medic, Domination/Capture the flag, Defend the base, Zombie City, Apocalypse etc.

Special offer on Laser tag
Duration: 1.5hrs


  • 12 Laser Phasers
  • 2 Gaming Boxes
  • 4 Inflatables walls
  • 1 host to run the games
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas but extra natural cover makes it more fun. Suited for age 5+

Offer valid for all the booking made till 30th June 2017.

Basic Laser Tag Package
Duration: 60 Mins
  • 10 Laser Phasers/Guns
  • 2 Inflatable Walls
  • 2 Medic/Battle boxes
  • 1 Commander host to run the games

Suitable for places with lots of cover like trees or area with secured outdoor and indoor area at your own back yard or community centres. Suitable for kids age 5+

Advance Laser Tag Package
Duration: 60 Mins
  • 12 Laser Phasers/Guns
  • 6 Inflatable walls
  • 2 Medic/Battle boxes
  • 1 Commander host to run the games

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas but extra natural cover makes it more fun. Suited for age 5+