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Outdoor Activities

Kidz Mantra has got a wide variety of outdoor packages suitable for ages 5 and above. Activities includes Laser Tag Gaming Trailer, Arcade  Trailer, Jumping Castles and much more...

Laser Tag Fun
Duration: 2hrs


12 Laser Guns/Phasers

2 Gaming Boxes

4-6 Inflatable walls

Host to run the games

$100/hr after 2hrs

Each Games goes for around 15-20 and around 48 kids could be accomodated in 2hrs

Laser Tag & Gaming Trailer Big - Combo
Duration: 2 Hrs

Inclusions as above in the individual packages

2 host to manage the activities


upto 50 kids in 2hrs - $750

upto 75 kids in 3hrs - $910

upto 100 kids in 4hrs - $1070



Jumping Castle
Duration: 4hrs

Jumper with a slide

Approx 5mtr/5 Mtr

Comes with Sand bag for Concrete floor or pegs for Grass Floor

Insured for $20 Million Public Liabilty

Laser Tag & Gaming Trailer Arcade - Combo
Duration: 2 Hrs

Inclusions as in the individual packages above

2 Hosts to manage the activities


Upto 50 kids in 2 hrs - $625

Upto 75 kids in 3hrs - $785

Upto 100 kids in 4hrs - $945 

Gaming Trailer Big - Inside and Outside setup
Duration: 2 Hrs


4*60 inch Screens insde Trailer

2* 65 inch Screens outsde Trailer

With latest Playstation4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Loads of multiplayer interactive games suitable for all ages

Air-condtioned - Climate Control

Host to manage the games

6.1 mtr long trailer

Upto 18 kids could play at a time

Arcade/Gaming Trailer - Carnival style
Duration: 2 Hrs

2.5 mtr long trailer with outside carnival style setup

6*32 inch screens

3* 1000 in one Arcade games

1* Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Wii each

12 kids could play at a time

Host to manage the games

Loads of interactive games with popular arcade games