Now open in Sydney & Melbourne
Bubbles Show
  • Non-stop bubble fun  *see activity list below
  • Sound system with a lovely sound track (great for both adults and children)
  • Bubble Girl in full bubbly costume
  • Bubble floor drop and Bubble back drop if required.
Bubble Show
Duration: 1hr

Bubble activities include:

  • Countless bubbles.
  • Big bubbles, itty bitty bubbles.
  • Mega bubble clusters.
  • Bubbles in bubbles.
  • Smoking dinosaur afros & mohawks.
  • Bubble afros & bubble beards for humans too.
  • Bubble pie with a smoke-n cherry on top & a smoke-n bubble caterpillar.
  • A foam man.
  • Bubble popping and blowing.
  • Bubble games - keep the smoke bubble alive!
  • Catching bubble clusters